Dr. Buthaina Mahfoud Al Wahaibi

Head of Research, Development and Innovation - Nama Water Services

Interested in scientific research, she has won many awards in the field of innovation.

She believes in the importance of the role of research in finding innovative and sustainable solutions in the industrial field.

Dr. Buthaina is a specialized engineer. She obtained a bachelor’s degree in chemical and process engineering from Sultan Qaboos University in 2010. She joined after graduation. Directly in the field of work as the first treatment process engineer in Nama Group as a result of her keenness to expand and go deeper in her field, she completed her scientific career to obtain a master’s degree and a doctorate in environmental engineering, specializing in water treatment processes.

Thanks to the extensive knowledge she possesses in this specialty, she was able to progress smoothly through the career ladder and held several positions, including: Head of the Process Engineering Department, and she currently holds the position of Head of the Research, Development, Innovation and Sustainability Center.

Dr. Buthaina works alongside the research, development, innovation and sustainability team at Nama Water Services to develop the technical and technical aspects to achieve the sector’s sustainability by searching for effective alternative solutions in terms of technology and treatment cost, improving and developing the performance of existing operational assets to increase efficiency, in addition to testing And evaluate technologies by testing their products and suppliers’ services. In her capacity as head of the Center for Research, Development, Innovation and Sustainability.

Dr. Buthaina follows up the performance of carbon reduction and sustainability projects, such as renewable energy, energy efficiency, and employing the green circular economy, such as utilizing treated water in hydrogen production, converting sludge into energy, and extracting carbon dioxide, and represents the company in international conferences and activities to highlight the company’s role.


    22 January 2024 Day 1

    NWS Sustainability – Roadmap towards zero carbon