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Oman`s largest gathering for water professionals

17 – 19 February 2025, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman 

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Welcome Message

Dear Esteemed Participants,

It is with great pleasure that I extend a warm welcome to each and every one of you to Oman Water Week 2025, hosted by Nama Water Services.

Building upon the resounding success of the 2024 edition, it is with immense pleasure that we announce the next instalment of this prestigious conference. Taking place from 17-19 February 2025 in Muscat, Oman Water Week 2025 promises to be an inspiring platform for ground-breaking discussions, industry insights, and unparalleled networking opportunities.

Oman has emerged as a true champion in the pursuit of a sustainable economy, envisioning a net-zero carbon future by 2050. Through strategic initiatives aimed at reducing our carbon footprint in key economic sectors, we are committed to building a future that is both prosperous and environmentally responsible. At the heart of our mission as the key player in Oman’s water sector, we have taken the initiative to organize this annual gathering to engage all key stakeholders in shaping a sustainable future.

Oman Water Week stands as a cornerstone in our commitment to nurturing a sustainable future for the Sultanate. I am confident that this platform will spark enriching dialogues, forge key partnerships, and inspire practical solutions that will significantly influence water management in our great nation. By uniting experts, researchers, policymakers, and industry professionals, Oman Water Week ignites essential conversations, facilitates knowledge exchange, and offers insights crucial for sustainable development.

Our carefully curated program will feature a diverse range of sessions, workshops, and exhibitions, covering cutting-edge technologies, innovative solutions, and best practices in the water sector. Your expertise and contributions are essential in driving progress and shaping the future of water management in the Sultanate. Joining our combined forces, we’ll delve into strategies for the intelligent use of our invaluable resources, fostering sustainable growth not only for our great nation but also for the global community.

Yours sincerely,

Qais bin Saud Al Zakwani
Chief Executive Officer
Nama Water Services

Oman`s Water Market Updates

444.44 million m3 Water Supplied

91.18 million m3 WW Inflow

263.45 million m3 Water Delivered

88.99 million m3 TE Produced

  • 32 New Projects
  • 8,212 (Km) New Network Projects
  • 2.715 (Billion USD) Est. CAPEX
  • 2.611 (Billion USD) Estimated Construction Cost
  • 104 (Million USD) Estimated Design Cost
  • 74 New Projects
  • 1,500 (Km) Total Network Length
  • 1.619 (Billion USD) Est. CAPEX
  • 1.600 (Billion USD) Estimated Construction Cost
  • 123.4 (Million USD) Estimated Design Cost

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The Conference

The conference offers participants a comprehensive exploration of cutting-edge advancements, best practices, and transformative strategies propelling water management to new heights. With an engaging program encompassing keynote speeches, panel discussions, workshops, technical demonstrations and networking opportunities, attendees will acquire invaluable insights into emerging trends, technological innovations, and policy frameworks that are shaping the realm of water sustainability.

This exclusive and premier gathering a unique opportunity for cross-sectoral engagement, bringing together a diverse array of experts, researchers, policymakers, industry leaders, and practitioners from all related sectors and industries. This convergence of expert minds fosters interdisciplinary dialogue, encourages knowledge exchange, and catalyses innovative solutions to address the complex challenges posed by water scarcity, climate change etc.

Join us as we embark on this remarkable journey of knowledge, collaboration, and innovation. Together, let us unlock the potential of water resources, explore sustainable practices, and pave the way for a future where the responsible utilization of water is at the forefront of our endeavours.

Previous Speakers

Qais bin Saud Al Zakwani

Chief Executive Officer - Nama Water Services

Ahmed bin Said Al Harthi

Chief Commercial Officer - Nama Water Services

Prof. Waleed Al-Zubari

Professor of Water Resources Management, Arabian Gulf University

Meike van Ginneken

Water Envoy for the Kingdom of The Netherlands

Lionel H.J. Rabin

Managing Director, Haltiqa – Bridging Energies

Dr. Mohamed Al Rawahi

Senior Manager - Research, Development and Innovation - Oman Investment Authority

Eng. Ali Shamas

Chief Executive Officer at Nama Dhofar Services

Eng. Raid Al Rubaiey

Managing Director - Majis Industrial Service

Event Structure

Technical Committee

Ahmed bin Said Al Harthi

Chief Commercial Officer - Nama Water Services

Eng. Saada Shukaili

Head of Water Management, Petroleum Development Oman

Eng. Ayoub Al Kindi

VP Assets Management & Projects - Majis Industrial Services

Dr. Buthaina Mahfoud Al Wahaibi

Head of Research, Development and Innovation - Nama Water Services

Dr. Salim Al Mamary

Projects Manager - Authority of Public Services Regulations

Dr. Rashid Al Abri

Executive Director - Oman Water Society

Dr. Mohamed Al Rawahi

Senior Manager - Research, Development and Innovation - Oman Investment Authority

Dr. Mohammed AL Saidi

Head of Mechanical Engineering Unit, University of Technology and Applied Sciences

Previous Exhibitors & Partners

The Organizer

Headquartered in Muscat Oman, Raya Services specializes in creating effective platforms for knowledge exchange and business networking by conceptualizing and executing strategic business conferences for the international clients, Buyers Meet Program, Bespoke events, Technical Hands on Learning Program and educational programs.