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NRW reduction for efficient utility management (An Operator’s vision)

Wednesday, 24th of January, 2024

09:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Presented by


François LACOUR

Head of the Water Department, Seureca, Veolia

  • Context & global NRW figures – some examples – why does it matter
  • Key pillars enablers within a water Utility for NRW reductions
  • Utility maturity grading
  • Key indicators and benchmark
  • Water balance & NRW baseline
  • Demand modelling & high-level business planning for long-term sustainability
  • Infrastructure upgrade – targeted renewal plans (pipelines & service connections)
  • Pressure modulation & genetic algorithms
  • Traditional & innovative leak detection methods (overviews and return on experience)
  • Digital tools for monitoring (including Serv0 Paris presentation)
  • Case study: NRW & intermittent supply – How to move towards 24/7 (Guyaquil)
  • Key routines for database reliability checks
  • Customer database update – Case study presentation
  • Meters’ targeted renewal plan – Case study presentation
  • Streamlined organizational features
  • Key training components