Dr. Intisar Al Sulaimi

Chief Process Engineer, Nama Water Services

Dr. Intisar Al Sulaimi is currently the Chief Treatment Process Engineer at Nama Water Services Company. She holds a PhD in Civil Engineering from Sultan Qaboos University; a Master’s degree in Environmental Engineering from Sultan Qaboos University and a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering and Processing from Sultan Qaboos University. She has worked on several projects in wastewater treatment technologies and evaluating the performance of odor treatment technologies in wastewater operations.

She currently works as a project manager for consultancy services to prepare the strategic plan for managing sludge from wastewater treatment and converting it into energy as part of National Renewable Energy Contribution Projects ; She is also currently working on the technical assessment for the rehabilitation of Main sewage network in Wilayat of Bausher in Muscat.


    22 January 2024 Day 1

    Sludge Management Strategy Plan Towards Circular Economy