Laurent Pred’Homme

Performance Manager - Access to Water & Sanitation - HUBGRADE Squad Veolia

With a rich background in water engineering and management, I bring over two decades of expertise to the
industry. As Deputy Director Engineering at OTV Northern Europe Veolia, I oversaw service management and
the implementation of drinking water projects across Central and Eastern Europe. My role as General Manager
at Opalium involved managing a profit center at Veolia, where I designed, manufactured, and commissioned
innovative drinking water treatment solutions for municipalities worldwide.
My career journey includes pivotal roles as a Project Manager at Veolia OTV, where I led groundbreaking
projects, such as the installation of Ultrafiltration membranes at the Häy les Roses and Nancy drinking water
plants. Additionally, my contributions as an Expert in Drinking Water at SOGREAH involved shaping water
management policies in Central America through participation in the Inter-American Development Bank
I have a proven track record in master planning, including significant projects such as the Drinking Water
Master Plan for the capital and the Water and Sanitation Master Plan for the province of Irbid in Jordan. My
expertise also extends to software development, where I served as a Product Manager, steering the creation of
proprietary software for modeling charged water networks.
Throughout my career, I have excelled in coordinating expert missions, building client relationships, and
implementing numerical network modeling. My commitment to excellence has consistently driven successful
outcomes in water infrastructure projects, making me a respected leader in the field.