Dr. Dahlia Sabri

International Development Consultant, International Arab Water Resources Association

Dahlia Sabri is an International Development Consultant and a Civil Engineer by training. Dahlia holds a PhD in Water Resources Engineering from the University of TU-Berlin, Germany. She also holds a Master of Science in Water Resources Engineering from Lund University, Sweden and a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from Cairo University, Egypt, and 

Dahlia has worked across different parts of the world, such as the MENA region, Sweden, and Germany. Throughout her career, she had the chance to work with NGOs, governmental entities, corporates, and SMEs to support causes such as climate change mitigation, women and youth empowerment, capacity building, and providing access to clean water to underprivileged communities. 

Dahlia had the opportunity to work on public water and sanitation projects at many levels—from sharing responsibility for projects in the MENA region in engineering firms to volunteering to help provide access to clean drinking water in rural areas and villages in Egypt. Dahlia is an expert in hydraulic modelling using Bentley software programs.

While working with KEO International Consultants, Dahlia participated in providing a clean environment by means of safe wastewater disposal by managing, designing, and supervising the construction of large wastewater treatment plants and sewage networks in Egypt and Kuwait. 


    22 January 2024 Day 1

    Circular Water Economy: Up-scaling Best Practices for closing the loop