Dr. Mohammed Al Abri

Associate. Professor, Sultan Qaboos University

Dr. Mohammed Zahir Al-Abri is an Associate Professor in Petroleum & Chemical Engineering Department, College of Engineering at Sultan Qaboos University (SQU), Oman. In addition to his academic position, he is the Founder and Director of Nanotechnology Research Center, SQU. He completed all his tertiary education from University of Nottingham (UK) from 2003-2007. His major interest lies in cutting-edge research in nanotechnology, water treatment, hydrogen production, membrane technology and environmental engineering including applications of nanotechnology in water and petroleum industries. Dr. Al-Abri has more than 30 major research projects in different areas of water treatment and desalination, nanotechnology for environmental and renewable energy applications, and membrane technology. He has more than 85 international journal papers, 30 international conferences, 25 technical reports, 4 patent applications and 3 book chapters. Dr. Al-Abri is a member of a number of international editorial boards including being a Topic Editor in “Membranes: MDPI Journal. He organized and co-organized several international conferences in nanotechnology and water treatment.


22 January 2024 Day 1

Session Two: Water management