Hind Barghash

Associate Professor, German University of Technology in Oman (GUtech)

Hind Barghash holds the position of Associate Professor in Environmental Engineering at the German University of
Technology in Oman (GUtech). She boasts an impressive academic background, with B.Sc, M.Sc, and PhD degrees
in Environmental Engineering, complemented by over two decades of professional experience in the field. Her
focus revolves around driving environmental engineering towards sustainable development goals, with specific
expertise in sustainable water and wastewater management systems, hydrogen gas production, renewable
energy, life cycle assessment (LCA), cost-benefit analysis (CBA), decarbonization, and the circular economy.
Hind's research interests primarily lie in Wastewater engineering and environmental impact assessment, with her
current research and consultancy endeavors directed towards the establishment of sustainable waste
management practices for hydrogen gas production as a renewable energy alternative for local industry
decarbonization. She is also actively engaged in research related to the water footprint. Her dedication to the field
extends to her role as an environmental expert, where she collaborates with both governmental and private sector
entities, both nationally and internationally


    23 January 2024 Day 2

    Technical and Economic feasibility studies for Green Hydrogen Production from Wastewater Streams as an Option for Decarbonization and Circular Economy